Dear lover,

I stopped counting how many times you dragged me down, How many times I felt rejected. Isolated.
But this era is over.
Tonight, the cold autumn air sprays my lung.
I am at your front door. Not to claim your love but revenge. With my bag full of surprises
As much as my sick brain.
Maybe you should just bend over my knee. Can you smell the leather from my boots?
You deserve punishment for your disobedience. The time when you hurt me is over.
I command you to rollover. I will tie you up like a slave,
My whip lashing you so hard that you cannot feel the pain anymore. Just an impotent feeling.
That time you have to wait that I am done.
You will beg me to stop. Apologize for what you did to me.
But I will mistreat your most intimate part, spank you, bite your neck.
Do not worry honey, this is not half of the pain I suffered from your negligence. Tonight, Love, I am taking control.
You taught me to be docile, just a shy little girl.
But who do you think you where to tell me what I should do? Who should I be?
I am not your Teddy Bear!
You thought you knew me, but you didn’t.
You just released the most wild and dangerous women you ever met. Uncontrollable. Assertive. Pervert. Mad
You should be more careful to whom you hurt.
Tonight you are tied up. Forget the ropes you watched on your movies. Tonight I leave you in my chains.

Good luck with everything, especially in finding the key.

Your mad Lover.