How did your photographic journey start?

Over ten years ago I started to take selfportraits of my face and body and started it all in an experimental way where I tried to modify or accessorize the body with simple elements.

What makes a good photo for you ?

I think that there should be a message keptbin the picture at least visible for the photographer.

You have your very own style- how would you describe your style?

There is a tendency in my portraits to show the flaws of the human body in an aesthetic way.

If you look at old photos you took, can you see your own development. What has changed?

Yes of course. Most of all I see the development in the technique of taking the photos and edit them. In and with my selfportraits I got way more selfaware and selfconfident.

How important is the part of retouching for you?

It‘s important for me to get a better visual result in particular in taking portraits.

Is there a certain story behind your photos, or do they sometimes just happen?

Yes in my selfportraits I learned to accept myself and find out more about me. I also like to take pictures of people who think they are not photogenic and prove them that they are or to show experienced models in a different way.

VOLANT Magazine #08 - PROVOCATEUR Issue Vol.01

By VOLANT Magazine in No08 – Provocateur Issue

88 pages, published 5/17/2018

Contributors:Susann Loessin, David Wagner, Nicoletta Kavvadia, Ian Compton, Anna Evgen, Natalia Artemieva, Vincent Gotti, jason mcquain, Evgenia Rieger, Kevin Nunes, Antonio Abrego, BJÖRN ENGELOCH, JEFFERY BEASLEY
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