All Shades of Blue

 When did you start with photography ?

I began my fashion photography journey around a year ago but I have always had a passion for photography and art. Instead of using paint and a canvas I capture my art through a lens.

Your sets/backgrounds are always special. How do you choose them?

Living in Melbourne, I constantly surrounded by a range of styles. However, I find that I gravitate toward more natural settings and focus on the beauty in simplicity. I draw inspiration from my environment, often adding a moody and rustic vibe to my sets. Natural textures and gritty industrial settings are my go-to locations.

Are you a one-man-show or do you work with creative assistance?

At this moment, I am a “one-man-show” – creative director, photographer, retoucher and stylist, just to name a few.

What do you search for first- the set or the model?

I begin my creative process by choosing a location. From here I am able to experiment with possible themes and ideas for the set. Once I have the foundation of the shoot in place, I am able to cast suitable models to portray my vision.

Is there a story behind every series?

I am a storyteller. I want my photos to take the viewers on an artistic journey with me.

What is the most important part in photopgraphy for you?

My personal growth as an artistic person is a crucial part of my photography. Through experience I aim to continue developing my technical skills and evolve my personal artistic style. I do not want to be confined to one style of photography or play it safe and remain within the “norm”. It is important to me that my art continues to thrive and break boundaries.

What do you say about the sentence: “The camera makes the picture“?

I do not think that the camera alone makes the picture. It is a mere tool out of many. The people behind the scenes, the models and the clothes are fundamental to the collaborative process. As well as the atmosphere, energy and location of the set. These elements work together as a collective entity to create a work of art.

Stylist/Creative Director/Photographer/Retoucher: John Carlos Ramos
Male Model: Gavin Smith @GIANT Model Management