1.How long are you already working in the modelbusiness?

I’m working in the model business for almost 2 years now! At first I did not want to do it but my parents pushed me, and here we are! I signed with Swann International Agency, a modeling agency in Italy, so happy to be with them.

2.What is important to be succesfull in this business? Do you have some advices or tipps for newcomers?

To be successful you have to be professional, be yourself do not imitate and try to bring something that nobody has! Because there’s a lot of models in this world! My advice to newcomers?? I’m a newcomer too, so I don’t know what to say except a very basic things like be yourself, do your best and take care of your shape!

3.Do you have a favorite photographer?

Only one?? Noooo I have so much photographers that I like, like Mario Testino , Bruce Weber, Mert Alas…I can keep on 🙂 , it’s true that there’s no a lot of excellent fashion photographer, but I don’t not have only one that I like.

4.You are not only working as an model- music is your second passion. Can you tell us something about your music. What kind of music do you make?

Yes im not only a model, I’m a italian Singer too, my single are about to come , end of this year, I’m so happy about that, I’m a pop singer and  I’m so happy that my manager Clara Giulianelli helped me to do all of this, so stay tuned guys.

5.What are your current plans for the future? You want to focus on your music or on your modelingcareer?

My plans for the future? focus on my music that’s all a really want, finish my album that’s my priority, modeling is just for fun, I like it but it’s only for fun.

Male Model: Filippo @Swann International agency
Modeling and management Agency: Clara Swann Giulianelli
Photographer: Vasilisa Mor @vasilisa_mor
Makeup Artist: Pamela Graffeo @pam.professional_makeup_