What are you looking in the models when you shoot?

When I shoot I tend to look for faces when I see models. Faces to me is pure and I always envisioned different expressions to a model’s face. Also, I look for body language in a model, because movement in a photograph is genius. Especially when you’re on location, movement gives great editorial work. I want my audience to feel like they were there.

What makes you create?

Passion makes me create the photographs. I would always schedule or scout new models to get them published. Also, each season is a different theme that I look forward to. The fashion, colours, designs, and mood that the models give me to rock the clothes. I always get up and just create, because practice makes perfect.

What is your muse and what kind of muse are you looking for your upcoming projects?

My muse is showing people my side of photography. I’m a visualizer and I visualize how I want my photographs to be. Also, PAPER Magazine is my other muse, the fashion shots that the photographer captures, models mood, and body language says it all. What I look forward to future projects is networking, and creating a bond with the model. I always break their shell, so they can feel comfortable not only with the photographer, but themselves to create a great editorial.

Can you describe your style and sense of photography?

Vintage, vibrant, bold, fad, style, and breath taking is to describe my work. My photography is to capture everyone’s great side, and add my style to it. I want people to know my vision in my photographs, and hope for them to be captivated of my photographs.

What lies beneath your photos? Can you describe?

Underneath in all of my photographs lies passion, love, hard work, dedication, and commitment. Each photograph lies a unique bond between the model and the photographer, the hard work and planning made the photograph come to life. It shows creativity and passion.

If you could choose three things to boost your creativity, what would it be?

Get out of your comfort zone, do crazy poses, art direct

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VOLANT Magazine #10 - SWIMWEAR Issue Vol.03

By VOLANT Magazine in No10 – Swimwear Issue

90 pages, published 8/16/2018

Contributors in this issue: Domenic Hartmann, Phil Limprasertwong, monsieur kay, Armando Simpliciano, Cleo Sullivan, Raimund Verspohl, Paul Jamnicky, David Villalva, Balint Nemes Scout

Agency: Wilhelmina Models
Instagram: @wilhelminamodels

Model: Eric Orner
Instagram: @eric_orner

Photographer: David Villalva
Instagram: @davidanthonyphoto

Swimwear Line: Charlie by Mathew Zink
Instagram: @charliebymz

Sunglasses Line: Quay Australia
Instragram: @quayaustralia