Alone Time

 1. What inspires you to shoot male body?

My aim is to show in my photography more than the physical body, I want there to be a glimpse of the subject’s soul and energy.

2. What makes a sensual shot?

The eye of the beholder: if a viewer interprets a particular photograph that way then that makes it a sensual shot.

3. Can you tell us what is a perfect photo sessions for you?

There has to be laughter!

4. Favorite time to shoot and why?

Anytime!! I shoot mostly in natural light and use the different types of light to help convey different emotions.

5. What do you feel when you look at the finished photo shoot?

Mostly, I remember the fantastic conversations and the laughter!

6. How can you describe yourself as an artist?

My aim with my photography is to show the beauty of both the interior and the exterior of a person.

Male Model: Michael Taveira
Photographer: Craig Macleod