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Love is like punk. Not dead.

Left: Gloves – Malan Breton, Dress – I love four seasons, Jewelery – Klotto
Right: Blouse – devour the divine, Suit – Raf Stesmans
Silver ruched dress – ISBIM, Harness – Gofefe Boots Gaynor Dominic, Snakeskin catsuit – Miscreants London, Corset – Matilda Aberg, Coat – I love four seasons, Shoes – Underground London, Lace body suit – Coco de mare, Coat and trousers with suspenders – Molly Kathryn Wade, Boots – Gaynor Dominic, Choker – stylist own
Left: Brooch worn on blouse – pk, Bijoux Blouse and gloves – Car2ie, Velvet pants – Malan Breton
Right: Full look – Aleksandra Seweryniak
Left to right Top – Knitts worn with lace trousers with braces – Yiwei Wu, Polo neck bodysuit – Nissè, Check two piece @ knitts Necklace – pk, Bijoux Shoes – underground London, Two piece – suit knitts, Long boots – Ganor Dominic

Photographer: Anna Zandman
Assistant: Edgar Chudoba
Stylist: David James Cochrane
Stylist Assistant: Elle Cheek
Stylist Assistance: Adam Martin
Makeup Artist: Julie Cooper
Hair Stylist: Lewis Pallett


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