Photographer & Production: Andrea KadlerModel: Fatima represented by PLACE ModelsHair & Make Up: Shidi Bashang

Orange Boy

Photographer: Tom DingleyModel: Dspothec


Photographer: Marta Ruiz Ramírez Model: Julen González

The Elegance of Gender Identity and Expression

Gender expression and identity are major struggles within our society today among people of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. Many trangender individuals struggle their entire lives to find and live with authenticity. Addie Rosenthal is one of those trans individuals. As a child she used to “borrow” (steal?) her sister’s clothes and makeup, as […]


Model: Iysee SowerbyInstagram: @kingiyseePhotographer: Sergey SheptunInstagram: @sergshepardWardrobe Stylist: ClxudbrandInstagram @clxudbrand


Photographer: Juraj DobisModel: Sebastian Fapso


Photo/styling Maciej Grochala Model Karl Bloss Assist Zbyszek Dolny

Sunny Boy

Photographer: Danua GillModel: Eduard ChyrykAgency: Bat’omi MM

Cowboy Girl

Photographer: Karolina SzulcModel: Vanessa KrusińskaMakeup Artist: Basia PlichtaWardrobe Stylist: Vanessa Krusińska