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Model: Iysee SowerbyInstagram: @kingiyseePhotographer: Sergey SheptunInstagram: @sergshepardWardrobe Stylist: ClxudbrandInstagram @clxudbrand

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Photo/styling Maciej Grochala Model Karl Bloss Assist Zbyszek Dolny

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Cowboy Girl

Photographer: Karolina SzulcModel: Vanessa KrusińskaMakeup Artist: Basia PlichtaWardrobe Stylist: Vanessa Krusińska

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In the Dark

Photographer, Styling & Makeup: Dasha Denger @dashadengerphotoModel: Tiffany Grier @tiffany.621

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Auburn Reverie

Photographer : Abhishek Joshi @abhi.lensmanStylist : Anchal Notani @anchalnotaniMUA : Niti Goenka @nittigoenkaHair : Marcelo Pedrozo @marcepedrozoModel : Jessica Aitnerova @jessicaaitnerova – Toabh @toabhcreativeRetoucher :

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Heart of a man

Creative Director/Model: Josh DylanAccessory Designer: The VaultWardrobe Stylist: Just Tonight Josephine

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Photographer: Alisa KochFemale Model: Amba Kohlschmidt @Mega Model AgencyMakeup Artist: Lilli Übel

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In the cafe

Credits:Photographer: Marianna KorovatskayaMakeup Artist: Valeria VatrutinovaWardrobe Stylist: Elisaveta GlinovaFemale Model: Marina Rusanova

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