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VOLANT Magazine #03 BLACK & WHITE Edition is out now! This issue is split into 2 parts.

Contributors split by part:

Part 1: Ilona Veresk, Yannick Wolff, Elsa Dillon, Ilaria Boncompagni, Natalia Marzec, Komthat Ninpon, Madeleine Seibold, Morgan Ann Larue, Chad Cosper, Kateryna Shevchenko, Aaron VIII, Antonio Candelas, Michele Share Scimé

Part 2: Carlos Traspaderne, Nicole Wuehrtrich, Darryl Pollock, Claudia Ferrari, Linsi Taylor, Madeleine Seibold, Elle Monroe, Alisha Gore, Pascal Uehli, Sennia Kyle, Maria Petit, Joan Alsina, John Deven, Patrick Citera

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