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Tag: fashion


Photographer: Marta Ruiz Ramírez Model: Julen González

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Model: Iysee SowerbyInstagram: @kingiyseePhotographer: Sergey SheptunInstagram: @sergshepardWardrobe Stylist: ClxudbrandInstagram @clxudbrand

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In the Dark

Photographer, Styling & Makeup: Dasha Denger @dashadengerphotoModel: Tiffany Grier @tiffany.621

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Pottering Around

Credits:Wardrobe Stylist: Nicole Danielle MarchantPhotographer: Clive MyburghMakeup Artist: Jacqueline ViljoenFemale Model: Kayla Crous @Fanjam, Cape Town

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In the wild

Credits: Photographer: Rajita Singh @rajitasphotographyMakeup Artist: Ameena @ameena_ansariModel: Ruchika Lohiya @__chikkaModel: Yamini Panwar @prettysoulyummyWardrobe KOSH INDIA by Nidhi Tomar @kosh_india

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Model Tests

Credits: Photographer: Elizaveta AlexaninaMakeup Artist: Elena LeontyevaFemale Model: Annika @Aquarelle-models

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Feel the wind

Credits: Photographer: Inês MachadoFemale Model: Pri GuerouWardrobe Stylist: Carolina Lains CanasMakeup Artist: Raquel Soeiro

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